Saturday, 11 April 2015


After doing my research, I decided to go on the hunt for foods that are good for clearing toxins from the body, as well as replenishing the skin and its natural healing process. I've spent so long ignoring my problem of what could be described as a very sensitive gut, that doesn't really process bad fats, sugars etc very well. This basically means, all the good things in life - make me itch. Pretty much. It just seems so unfair when I see the rest of my friends and family carelessly having a handful of biscuits, a glass of wine on an evening, loads of greasy pizza, etc - with it barely even effecting them- they just may feel a little sluggish the next day. I KNOW if I'm to eat a domino's or have a drink on an evening, the next day I will be struggling with a patch of eczema SOMEWHERE on my body. Anyway, instead of getting down in the dumps about what I can't have, heres a post about what I CAN eat, and how I make it tasty :)

(PS I am also going through Topical Steroid Withdrawal, which I briefly mentioned in my previous post. As well as treating my outter skin in the best possible way I can, I am aiming to try for the next few months at least, and hopefully from now on if I can keep up the will power, to cleanse from the inside out, too)

We begin with - teas! I love my herbal tea's in the past few months, I make an effort to get decaffeinated teas because caffeine isn't the best for me. At the moment my favourites are Green Tea for throughout the day, and Camomile and Honey for the evening - both of which are devine, can't go wrong with Twinings! I got this Clippers tea in aid to help me sleep - I'm finding it so so hard at the moment to get a decent nights sleep. Its mainly my body temperature messing me around (more on another post), along with the general dryness/itchyness on my skin which for some reason seems to bother me most at night! The clippers tea is nice, and the smell is relaxing :)

I then got myself some vegetables, just to put with anything and everything I eat basically - Sweet potato and Avacado are supposed to be packed with good fats, as well as being beneficial for the skin. 

Some fruit! I love banana's and blackberries, my mum also used to feed me tonnes of mango when I was a baby and she said it never caused a problem for my skin, plus I looove mango - safe to say M&S pre packed is my favourite on the market - but I cannot afford £3 a pop for a small tray! So fresh ones will have to do for now :)

Salmon (good for natural oils), Tumeric (an anti inflammatory), Seeds (good for Vitamins), Kallo Multigrain cakes (just because I like to snack!), and Sweet Freedom - a sweet nectar made only from fruit that you can add into teas and porridge!

Water, water, water, the ultimate health kick. Since being signed off work for 2 weeks and having access to bottled water I've been drinking 2l of water a day, to try and rid my body of all toxins, and generally stay hydrated due to my skin being so so dry!

So yeah, heres just some of the foods I'll be eating for the next few months of healing my skin - amongst other things of course. When I was using steroid cream I'd find it so easy to slip up and just eat an icecream, or a whole bag of sweets, crisps or chocolate (at least twice a week when completing deadlines, or using a trip to the supermarket for snacks as an end of day treat). I also have a few meal ideas that I'm going to put up over the next few days! If you have any recommendations about foods that are good for the skins healing process, do let me know!
I'm also taking Vitamin E, D and Omega 3 supplements daily. 

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