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Okay so here we go, my first 'real' post. I've basically decided I don't want this blog to be completely full of doom and gloom, so I'm going to try my best to make it an interesting read with nice pictures (as well as a beetroot red me, ha). The posts I've read on other similar blogs so far are very daunting and hard to read/look at. The photos are very scary and to be honest its frightened me to death. I'm basically going to try 'TSW' which stands for, Topical Steroid Withdrawal. This means all topical steroid is completely ruled out. This is such a scary thought for me. Whenever I sleep away from my house, visit a friend etc - basically stay somewhere that isn't home for just 1 night, I take my topical steroid with me. I'm almost petrified not to. This is literally because thats how painful eczema can be - the thought of enduring in a painful circle of itching and generally being uncomfortable is something I haven't felt (severally) for a good while. Whenever a red patch appears on my skin, my back feels slightly tight, or I can't stop itching my legs in the night - I'll whack on some of the 'magic' stuff. Those who have used topical steroid will know the harmful side effects of using the creams. Sometimes I don't read too much into it as I know it will scare me. However I can see just from the creases in my arms and groin/lower stomach area - My skin is so so thin and damaged. From what I've read its almost as though you have to let the bad skin grow out, and the new stuff come through. After general research of around 3-4 blogs and a few Youtube Videos, this process seems to take up to 5 months in general - and it does not look pretty. (The first blog I read - Laura's blog, typing in 'Topical Steroid Withdrawal' on Youtube and the ITSAN website, which explains everything!)

I'm kind of in between finding out if my eczema is because of my diet, or if its steroid withdrawal. However for now, I'm cutting all steroid creams, AND changing the diet - because, why not!
Today I tried some new bath salts that I've seen that people have recommended.

'Dead Sea Salt', that claims to soften and soothe dry, itchy skin (don't they all, eh). I've tried a few bath prodcuts before that claim to work, but I haven't really given them enough chance to get to work, if you know what I mean. Also, the last time I went in the actual sea, my skin was in bits the next day, (Summer 2014). Before making up my bath, I had the quickest shower of my life, washing my hair, armpits and 'bits' (lol), because of course we all like to actually be clean. I then filled up the bath about half way and poured in about 2 (small sized, ha) hand fulls of the sea salts. At first my skin felt a little irritated, stang in fact (only very lightly). But as the water started to cool I really enjoyed my 20-30 minute soak in the bath. My skin raised in ares such as my shoulders, neck, face and arms at first, but continued to calm down. Woohoo!

I KNOW I look SO ugly in these photos, but hey, thats my face. Here I am enduring my lovely salt bath, mm. As you can see I have redness all over my forehead, around my mouth and puffy eyelids (due to crying and complete lack of sleep - I can't even lie, I'm going through a hard time in general right now). At the moment I know my skin doesn't even look bad, however I'm just documenting what my skins like now, in comparison to how it will be after a month of no steroid creams. (Arghh)
ANYWAY, After about 30 minutes of laying still with the occasional wallow, I got out and lathered myself in another new product I've invested in after reading up on some research. 'Jojoba oil'..

Apparently this oil is the closest kind of oil that resembles the skins natural oils, (oh body - how I wish you'd produce these on your own). I used this on my ears, parts of my scalp that are dry, my hands, and literally every crevice on my body. I find when I try something out on my skin, I just go for it in full force, otherwise I can never get a true feeling of how my body will react to it.  As soon as I put it on I felt like I was in some kind of at home Spa. It felt glorious! Very lightweight and instantly moisturising. There is no pungent smell, its Vegan, not tested on animals, 100% naturally cold pressed, and organic! The only thing I have found throughout the day, is that for some bizarre reason, I have bumps coming up on my stomach (prone to eczema flares) and shoulders. So, in the past couple hours I have put some of my usual moisturiser - Aveeno, onto the bumps. This has calmed it down somewhat. I'm presuming my skin is just confused from going from moisturiser to oil maybe? Or the fact I haven't used steroid cream for 3 days now, when I'm used to applying it near on every other day.

PS - This is what I listened to while in the bath, It actually randomly came on shuffle from another song I was listening to previously, but isn't it awesome? Relaxing vibes yo.

I literally want to apologise for how GROSS these photos are - for someone who loves makeup and only ever posting pictures online of me dolled up - this is horrendous paha. I went to Sainsburys this afternoon (blog post tomorrow on what I bought), and this is what I looked like when I came home. My forehead had completely calmed down, as well as my eyelids, however that stubborn little patch of red above my top lip WILL NOT GO (hasn't for ages now, despite using steroid on it too). But, in time I know, it will. All the places I would usually apply steroid - top lip, forehead, and down my neck/under my chin all flared today (as well as my stomach, upper thighs, back and arms), but I resisted the usual go to magic fix of topical steroid.

This is literally a first impressions review on these two products so bare with me while I trial them longer, I'll be sure to let you know what I'm like after a week of bathing and oiling up ;) ha.

Has anyone else had any positive results from these products before? Let me know.
Madi xx

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